Tuesday, June 14, 2011

You're Still So Trendy...

Another fun, new dessert I can't wait to try out is the new twist on PIES!

...Except, oh wait, I ALREADY HAVE!!!
That's right! You are looking at an official trendsetter!

I made mini pecan pies for Thanksgiving 3 years ago!
And they were a hit! So good!

Check out the recipe and photos below:

Pecan Pie Tarts

Anyway, more on this current trend!


and Pie Pops

These little miniature desserts are so cute! Check them out!

These can add such a special touch to any dessert or event.  These little pies can be very glammed up and fancy, or laid back and fun.
I'd love to try these Strawberry-Rhubarb Mini Pies !

Or these Mini Key Lime Pies from Sweet & Saucy Shop in Long Beach

So give pie a chance!
So there

Monday, June 6, 2011

Pillow Victory is Mine!

I finally completed my first pillow on the sewing machine!
The real first attempt was the second piece of fabric that had ever touched my sewing machine, and let's just say it didn't go so well....
So this one counts as my real first project!

A throw pillow (which quickly became Kylie's new favorite thing that she sleeps with, hehe) made from 2 16x16 pre cut quilting squares of different coordinating patterns, sewn together and stuffed.

These pre cut squares are so great - I got them at JoAnns Fabric.  They have just about every color and pattern, and I try to locate 2 of the same print or just mix and match.
This made it SEW easy to make a pillow, because they were already cut out.
Thought, I did have to iron the fold creases out of them...

So, I sewed around the three sides, with the right sides facing each other, flipped the pillow right side out, stuffed it with batting, then, hand stitched the rest of the opening closed.
I now know for next time to sew around all 4 corners on the machine, and leave the opening in the middle of one side, because the finish is much nicer on a corner done by a machine than by hand. But mine looks ok!

I'd like to add some buttons to some pillows or other items I make soon...I bought a huge mixed bag of buttons, and some look so cool!
But actually, good thing I didn't, since Kylie actually sleeps on this one after all!

I think the next pillow I will make, I'll do a bit smaller (cut down the pre-cut squares a bit) so that I can put it around a 12x12 pillow form I bought , instead of stuffing it. This pillow took forever to stuff, and always is a bit lumpy, no matter how long I tried to get it smooth.

How to stuff that pillow form into the pillow is another story...any tips???
I guess just sew 3 sides, like usual, and barely around the corners, and then stuff the pillow inside, and finish by hand...I hope it fits!!

The next one is actually for Kylie, and is pink - just think how excited she will be if she loved this blue one so much! Score!

Also, adorable, Kylie now is dying for me to teach her how to sew!....If she only knew my real skill level...HA!  But, I had her sit on my lap at the sewing machine once while making the pillow and she thought that was pretty cool.  Then, I was hand sewing the pillow and she wanted to learn.  So, I took a scrap piece of fabric, and folded it in half - so she'd have 3 sides to sew together - and gave her a pile of straight pins, and a needle and thread. I showed her how to pin the sides, then thread the needle, and sew up and down from one side to the other. Surprisingly, she wasn't scared of the sharp objects, was very careful, and did great! So proud.
She's probably going to be better than me in no time!
I bought her her own little sewing kit, to be opened soon...that should be fun!


She did fine with real needles, but the kit has kid's plastic needles, and pre-punched holes in the fabric to make it even easier to practice.

Stay tuned for our next sewing adventure!

No fun food recipes to report...maybe soon!
I still want to make more flower hair clips, too....also soon...I hope!!

So There.