Monday, September 9, 2013

Hello and Goodbye!

Ack, so sorry friends, I have been busy and MIA for much too long!
And I stopped by to tell you I will be gone again!

But for good reason.

I am heading out tomorrow to visit my bestest friend, since 6th grade, Kendra Bean, who lives in London!

And then, we are going to Paris for a few days, as well! I am beyond excited to see the Eiffel Tower! OMG.

Um, by the way, Kendra just wrote a book! So, you should probably check that out, too!

She is wonderfully talented!

She also has an adorable new kitten I get to snuggle with, too!

I will try to check in once or twice and keep you updated on ALL the bread, cheese, wine, and desserts I am stuffing my face with during the trip, and I promise to take lots of photos to share with you when I get back in a couple weeks!!

So, Bon Voyage to me!

See y'all soon!
Amy. out! So There!