Monday, February 21, 2011

Be sure to wear a flower in your hair

Another blog that I love, showed a tutorial on making felt flower hair clips that I have been dying to try!

See her blog for all the steps - I just followed them exactly for the pink flower.

They are really simple: cut flowers out of felt, fold them up, and hot glue to the main circle piece.
I cut the pink flowers for the first one a bit too big for what I wanted, but it will be perfect for Kylie!
On the second blue one, I tried to  make all the flower pieces quite a bit smaller, and it was exactly what I wanted for my hair.  Then, I glued two stacked buttons in the middle, instead of the last middle piece.

I also used a bobby pin on the back of the blue one, instead of the hair clip.

I noticed on a homemade-looking clip Kylie already has, a circle of felt was glued in between the sides of the hair clip, and then glued to the back, to help hold it on better. So, clip the felt circle, as you would your hair, then glue it like that to the back, making sure you don't fuse the clip closed.  Same with the bobby pin; I made sure I didn't glue the clip part shut, while gluing it to the base.

So there! Adorable, easy, custom flower hair clips!

Check out that blog for a ton of other fun ideas, too!