Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Summer Solstice! and my Conscious Box #2

Happy Summer, everyone!!

I would like to take it as a good start-of-summer omen that today is the first day in a couple weeks that I did not wake up to our Southern California "June Gloom" !! Yay sunshine. I am a happy girl.

So, remember when I won this awesome contest from Along Comes Mary for three months of this cool mail order service, Conscious Box?
Well I just received my second box of organic goodies this week!!

Do you guys love getting stuff in the mail as much as I do?? Especially when the contents are a surprise!

I was so happy I got more food items this time! I am really picky about my ideal ingredients and the flavor of snack bars, so I am always hesitant to buy a whole box of one kind at the store. Getting to try two different new brands (3 flavors) from Conscious Box was exciting!

That ALT LARA BAR at the top especially impressed me because they use 'pea protein'. I really dislike soy, whey, and all other protein powders I have ever tried (seriously. don't try and convince me otherwise. i hate them all.), and this pea protein had no detectable flavor, and is all natural! The peanut butter cookie flavor was pretty good, as far as protein bars go, and I loved that there was no 'protein' aftertaste at all! Same good flavor as regular LARA BARs, but with added protein!

These Skout bars are great, too! Similar to a couple other bars on the market, they are only made with dates, oats, dried fruit, nuts, and natural sweetener like honey or agave.  They are pretty sweet with the natural sweetness from all the fruit, plus added agave/honey, but they taste great!  Both the apple pie and cherry vanilla flavors were good. I approve.

OK, this Sneak organic chocolate milk with some pureed veggies 'hidden' in it is a good idea for kids, I suppose, but YUCK!!  I would have loved to have had a kid nearby to hand this off to, to see if they actually liked it, which is totally possible, but I did NOT.LIKE.IT.  I don't drink chocolate milk anyway, but I feel like it is something I would not hate, and this one was weird. You could definitely taste the pureed veggies, and it just overall tasted odd.  Sorry.  Totally awesome if your kids will drink it though! All the ingredients are natural and healthful.

I tried my first Flavrz packet this morning - I thought the extra potassium and electrolytes might help my - you mix the concentrated liquid with a glass of water; one packet has extra hydration benefits, and the other variety is a natural energy drink.

The flavor was about the same as a lot of other powdered drink mixes, but it was a bit fresher tasting, and I loved that, because it was a liquid, not a powder, it was much easier to blend in with the water.  These are a great alternative to some of the powdered drink mixes because the ingredients are all natural and organic!

I was excited to get such a large sample of all natural hand soap, below.  The lemongrass scent was nice, and there can be so many weird ingredients in cleaning products, I was happy to try an all natural hand soap, along with these other beauty products

They also sent a sample of puppy soap!! I gave this away to a friend :)
AND this cute blank Happy Birthday card to send to someone! I love that.

All in all, a successful delivery!! Yay, these are so fun!

Now, for some summertime tunes with #backthatazzup Friday!!

Btw, did you guys see the movie Country Strong? Well you should. Remember this song below by Leighton Meester (xoxo, Gossip Girl.)?? Dare you not to dance to it!!

Summer Girl by Leighton Meester on Grooveshark Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams on Grooveshark All Summer Long (Album Version) by Kid Rock on Grooveshark 

Happy Friday, y'all!
So There.