Saturday, February 8, 2014

3D Paper Heart Garland for Valentine's Day

More crafts!

I just love all the pretty vintage-looking scrapbook paper patterns I found at Hobby Lobby!

I found another Valentine's Day (or year round!) garland idea from Elizabeth over at Doodle-ee-doo: HERE.

All you need is scissors, double sides tape, and paper. Plus, string to hang the garland.

Start by either printing out a heart shape template to trace, or free-hand drawing your first heart on the "wrong" side of your paper.  You only need single-sided scrapbook paper for this one, as the double sided would be wasted.

If you have a hard time drawing that second half of a heart to make it match the first half, fold a piece of paper in half, draw half a heart, and with the paper still folded, cut it out, and ta-da! A full heart! Don't say I never learned anything in second grade art class!

Anywho, cut out a ton of the same side hearts from paper.

You do want them to be as close as possible to exactly the same size and shape, because you are going to put them back to back, and don't want any overhang.

Once you have a bunch of hearts (To make one 3D heart, you will need 5 flat hearts), fold them all in half, pretty paper side in.

Put two folded hearts side by side, and tape or glue the two wrong sides together, back to back.

Keep going, until you have attached 5 hearts together, and finish the heart by taping the first half to the last half, completing the circle, and forming your first 3D heart!

Kay, is that enough photos to understand the concept? Did ya get it?? Ok, good!

Now, repeat and make several 3D heart shapes.

To hang, glue or tape a piece of embroidery thread or other string into one of the creases of each heart, so they all hang in a row.  If you wanted a horizontal garland, you could punch holes in the tops or sides and string them side by side.

Another great, easy, and cute Valentine's Day craft!