Monday, June 2, 2014


Many photos by the lovely and talented  Chrissy at Let Me See You Sparkle

Some blog conferences and groups are all about the numbers.  Dollars earned.  Blog comments received.  Unique visitors. Tweets.
Sure, this stuff matters, and I actually took a ton of great notes and learned so many helpful tips for improving all of these things!!
But, the Elevate Blog Conference, put on by Summer & Jen, is so much more than all of that.

I had heard this was true, and this was the reason why I ventured in alone.  With only new instagram relationships, hope, and a little extra nerve thanks to my sister's encouragement in my back pocket.

From the moment I arrived I could feel it.  First of all, just from the smiling faces, decor, and beautiful Newport Beach Dunes location alone, I felt welcome, and happy, and excited.  Then, I began meeting other fellow women bloggers.  Bloggers, who, by the end of the one day, I now call great new friends.

The day not only brought some of the most amazing food and party favor swag I've ever had, but it brought such inspiration, light, and love into my life.
The ladies chosen to speak at Elevate were so inspirational, kind, hysterical, and helpful.  Both in blogging (and makeup tips!!), and in life.  Through the laughter and tears, I was touched by so many amazing people, and was so happy to have made the choice to attend this beautiful day!

Plus, did I mention the food?! And Magical Decor?!

The best part was how approachable everyone was.
Whether a "blogger celeb" chosen to speak at the conference, or a very well-known vendor in attendance with their great crafts and products in tow,  every single woman at Elevate was so, so approachable, relatable, helpful, friendly, and just all around lovely.
It was so special getting to hear such moving, hilarious, and helpful presentations, and then be able to hang out with those same amazing ladies the rest of the day as new friends and peers.

I think everyone in attendance would agree with me, and felt the same, and it shows loud and clear through ALL of our instagram posts after the conference! So many friendships made and strengthened. So much fun and heart. So many memories!
I am hooked! I will definitely be back next year!