Monday, March 23, 2015

Best Chambray Shirt Ever!

My mediocre Old Navy chambray shirt was a little ill-fitting and stiff, and I found myself always trying it on, and then deciding not to wear it.

I needed a new one!

Enter:  Nordstrom Halogen Chambray Shirt

Halogen Long Sleeve Chambray Shirt - Nordstrom
You guys.

Worth every penny of the $68.
And I totally don't spend that much on tops.

But technically, it is two tops in one (ha!), since you can wear it buttoned up as a shirt, or open as a cardigan over a top or dress.

And this shirt is SOOO SOFT!!  Like buttah'! Oooh, it is so comfy!
Way less of that arm movement restrictiveness that usually comes with button down shirts. I the only one who feels claustrophobic in dress shirts?! Thank god my office is super business casual! ;)  In fact I am wearing this to work today!

And it is the perfect chambray color!
Or, they have a darker medium chambray blue, too.
PLUS, it also comes in eight OTHER colors!! Like mint! and white!
Oh, the possibilities!

Truly. the best.  Go buy one!

Do you have a favorite Chambray shirt brand??

No, this is not sponsored by Nordstrom or the Halogen brand. I WISH!!  I just loove this top! :)