Monday, June 8, 2015

Mayday, Mayday!

Hey remember me? I used to blog sometimes. Sorry to fall off the face of the blogging earth.
So, let's get caught up. What's been happening around here?

Well, we moved!

Just down the street. But, far enough for me to scour Pinterest for purging, organizing, moving, cleaning, and decorating tips for the past couple months!  And I found some gems, I tell ya.

I will share some Moving/Packing Tips in my next post!

Same with cleaning. I cleaned the new place, and my old place, and I found a couple new (are there really new cleaning tips? Yes! Yes, there are.) cleaning tips I am pretty obsessed with!  Again, another upcoming post.

What else?
I am a fraud, and didn't ever get around to making that Watermelon Margarita on Memorial Day that I shared on Facebook last week. But I hope you did!  I was knee deep in cleaning my old apartment, and after 10 hours of that, I definitely deserved a blended cocktail, but was too tired, and the blender, alas, was still not unpacked. Rookie move.  But, the wine cork was!! Non-rookie move! So I had a glass of wine, and passed the eff out.
But I still plan on making that blended refreshing goodness of a cocktail sometime very soon!

Had some very indulgent first meals in my new place - blaming the not yet organized kitchen. I may have taken a few too many liberties with that, ha ha. 

Went to the farmer's market in Laguna Beach this weekend, and it is spring/summer time galore there! So many fun fruits and veggies.
Stay tuned for some produce-heavy recipes soon!

I think I have been to Ikea every weekend in the last month. My most recent trip, I was in and out in 12 minutes. I'm kind of an Ikea champion! Tip: Enter through the Exit ;)  And if you need a warehouse item, look up the Aisle/Bin ahead of time online, so you can make a beeline straight for it!

Well, there you have it! A lot of promises for me to uphold! Stay tuned :)
Hope you all had a great weekend!