Sunday, February 21, 2016

Throw an Oscars Viewing Party!

The Oscars

It is so much fun to get together with friends to watch the Oscars! You can print out the voting ballots with all the nominees and categories ahead of time, and everyone can make their guesses on who will win.
Themed food and drinks are always festive, so anything centered around stars, red, black and gold (and champagne!) feels appropriate for the Hollywood celebration.

Here are some of my favorite ideas to use for a red-carpet worthy Oscars Viewing Party!


An easy way to decorate is to cut out stars from gold scrapbook paper and scatter them across the floor. You can tape them down to non-carpet flooring, and use them to guide people as a path from the entry into the living room.

You can also cut out more stars, tape them on string or fishing line in a row, and hang the stands vertically from the ceiling, or against a wall as a backdrop.

Party City always has a good selection of Academy Award decor - anything black, white, gold, and red will be great! 

Make a Welcome sign, or a sign for the cocktail, food, or game table with a marquee-looking font, or using a clapboard. 

How cute is this cake stand made with a Roll of Tickets?! I love that! You can find a roll of Red or White tickets at Party City, or I think Staples, too

Um, also, can we talk about this insane chandelier?! The coolest!

Food picks are such an easy way to decorate! Cut out mini gold stars, tape to toothpicks, and stick them in your snacks!


Here is the official Oscars Nominee List you can use to cast your votes:
Print a bunch out for all your guests!

(It initially confused me saying 2015, but that makes sense because the 2016 award show is based on movies from the past year, ha ha)

Bingo is also another fun way to keep entertained throughout the show.
Punchbowl made a great selection of Bingo cards, many different ones, for your guests to use. So fun! Print these out, too!

You can have prizes for the winners, or have everyone pitch in $1 or $5 for a cash prize.
Be sure to provide plenty of pens!


Again anything star-shaped, movie popcorn-related, or black/gold/red works great!

Movie Popcorn

Popcorn Bar

Don't forget a few real dinner, or substantial appetizer items. You could do pigs in a blanket, hot dogs, a nachos bar, chili...anything!

You can set up a popcorn bar with savory and sweet mix in options for guests to create their own!
Here is a great list of mix in options to provide!

Mini peanut butter cups, pretzels,...and gold leaf?! Amazing.

These Red Velvet Cupcakes with Champagne Frosting are a perfect dessert!

Cinnamon Sugar Stars with Chocolate Dipping Sauce

This champagne ice cream dessert sounds amazing!

The Oscars air next Sunday, February 28th at 7pm eastern time, 4pm pacific time on ABC.
Don't forget all the red carpet pre-show stuff on E! 

And the winner is...!