Thursday, March 3, 2011

And the Oscar Goes to....

Made some adorable Red Carpet/Academy Awards themed mini cupcakes for an Oscar viewing party tomorrow!
Red velvet with cream cheese frosting

Bought some edible gold dust at Michael's! Their cake decorating section is so awesome.

Then, I took a piece of cardstock (ahem, one of those Bed, Bath, & Beyond coupons I get in the mail), and traced a star on it (from this template, or just draw one). Cut out the star, so you are left with a stencil.

Poured some magical gold fairy dust into a little bowl and found my small pastry brush.
Carefully set the stencil on top of the first cupcake, brushed over some gold dust, and even more carefully lifted the stencil up off the cupcake. This pulled at the frosting some, and made a few of them not such recognizable stars, but I tried!!

and there you have it.
Cupcakes fit for a red carpet!

Academy Awards Viewing Party Cupcakes!

Academy Awards Viewing Party Cupcakes!

Enjoy your party!!