Sunday, September 18, 2011

What the KALE?!

So...thanks to my recent inspiration of the most hilarious mom blog with great (vegan) recipes, (Check it out!!! : Peas and Thank )  I decided to buy kale for the first time and try two of her recipes: BBQ Kale Chips, and a fresh Kale Salad. (See photo below in meatloaf post)

First, the kale I was supposed to buy is called dinosaur that alone was reason enough to give this a try!! Haha.

All in all, the poor chips taste like dried leaves....(but here is the recipe!!!! Haha BBQ Kale Chips )

But, the salad was good! I didn't have tahini, so I actually used a bit of almond butter, plus a bit of olive oil and it was really good. I also didn't have a lemon, so I used fresh orange juice instead. Hmm...I guess I really didn't follow this recipe much at all...
Anyway, check this one out, too!  Kale Salad 
They both teach you how to properly prepare kale so it is ready to use, so at least you will have learned something from all this.

The recipes are posted toward the bottom of the page at these two link above...I am forcing you to read her hilarious blog before you get to find her recipes.  You'll thank me later.  But probably not for the kale chips...

So there.
Adventures in kale completed.