Tuesday, January 3, 2012


.....Yes, I am just getting around to posting about these pumpkins I made for Halloween/Thanksgiving.

Don't judge.

These were the cutest little things ever, and easy to make!

I bought cheap plastic mini pumpkins (don't use real ones, folks, or you can't keep them for next year!) and covered them with festive, fall fabric.
First, I cut a long stripof fabric that was wider and taller than the pumpkin, and used hot glue to attach the fabric into every crease of the pumpkin, as I wrapped it around.
I trimmed the top and bottom so only about an inch or less stuck up, and glued those pieces down, flat to the top, and bottom, respectively.  Then, I cut a round piece to glue on the bottom for a smooth surface.
Finish the top with a green felt tube glued into the middle as the stem!

I also made some oh-so-trendy Chevron stripes on a real, mini white pumpkin with silver and gold paint pens.

Happy Autumn!