Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bringing the Forest Indoors

After finding so many craft ideas on Pinterest using tree branches, I convinced my lovely parents to bring some branch clippings with them on their upcoming visit from their home in the forest of Northern California.
My sweet Dad took the time to perfectly locate and trim up great size branches from not one, but THREE different local trees: oak, manzanita, and apple. Isn't he the BEST?!
I was so thrilled!

I still have yet to use them all; I keep meaning to cover a few vases and pillar candles in short branches, as shown here.

And how pretty and simplistic is this?!

One more - the lamp!!

But, my main project I did complete was a wall sculpture of glitter branches and yellow flowers, entwined with mini twinkle lights. Right??!! I was so excited.

I sprayed the branches with a metallic bronze glitter spray paint to give a subtle sparkle, per this idea here.

Then, I attached the glitter branches, (GLITTER BRANCHES!!) coupled with sprigs of silk flower branches, to the wall using these "U" brackets found at Home Depot in the pipes/plumbing section.

 I used smaller brackets than I originally assumed I'd need - if the grouping of branches in each didn't completely fill the U bracket, the branches didn't stay in their correct position, and they slid out of the brackets. It took a bit of work, but it was so worth it!

Then, to finish it off, I purchased some really cool twinkle lights, on thin copper wiring, thank you Restoration Hardware, and wove them through the branches, twisting the copper wire through the branches to secure.

The lights are battery operated, and can be on a timer.

Check out the finished project!

My own little twinkle light forest-y wonderland!
I'm in love!
So There.