Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Easiest Way to Shuck Corn

I feel like a farmer using the phrase 'shucking corn', but seriously, you know how hard it is to get each little string off of an ear of corn when you are peeling it?

Well prepare to be amazed by this dude Ken.

I like to buy several ears of corn at once when they are on sale, shuck and cut off the cob, then freeze for later use.  But that used to be a lot of work to do all at once.  Not anymore!

With some vegetables, you can boil them for just a couple minutes (par-boil), then submerge them in ice water, which releases the skin, and makes them easy to peel.

This seems along those same lines, except no ice bath needed!

You just throw the whole ear of corn, un-trimmed husk and all, into the microwave for 4 minutes.

Then, take it out with potholders (hello, it is really hot!), and with a sharp knife, cut the whole end (the fatter side, with no silk at the end) off, straight through the husk and corn.

Then, squeeze the opposite end, (again, keep the really attractive, dirty and burned sunflower pot holder on your hand!), and the perfectly clean corn slides right out! Zero silk attached!!

You have got to try this, it is so easy.

Check out Ken's video here for a full visual, and what feels like an adorable lesson from your grandfather.

So There.