Friday, May 10, 2013

Cake Batter Fudge

So...this happened.

I mean when you see "funfetti cake batter 10 minute microwave fudge" on Pinterest, how can you not try it out?!

Photo & Recipe by: Baked From a Box

This Cake Batter Fudge from Baked From a Box was literally so easy to make.

You mix cake mix, butter, milk, and powdered sugar together in any microwave safe bowl, and microwave  
for 2 minutes.

Remove and stir immediately, then press into a pan to cool.

Yeah, you're done. That's it! Except the letting it cool and set up a bit part. (Optional if you aren't serving this to guests...bahaha. No, I didn't just eat this with a spoon right from the pan...yes I did.)

Now, I will say this is very rich, so when serving I would recommend cutting the fudge into very small pieces - maybe 1" cubes?  Not applicable if you ate with spoon...

So There.