Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hoisin Glazed Brown Rice Mochi with Roasted Edemame

Thanks to Alicia Silverstone's amazing and enlightening site, The Kind Life, I have discovered several new-to-me super foods and health tips.

One of my new favorites is brown rice mochi.

This is much different from the soft, fluffy mochi usually seen as a frozen yogurt topping, or wrapped around ice cream at Japanese restaurants.

This Mochi is a gluten and dairy-free, riced-based puff pastry, made from sweet rice that is pounded into a paste that is molded and cut.

It can be baked, grilled, boiled, steamed, or fried.  When baked, it is crisp and brown on the outside, and chewy on the inside.

Take the sheet out of the packaging, and cut mochi with a sharp knife into 1" or 2" squares, and bake on non-stick cookie sheet or Silpat-lined sheet.

For a great dinner, I baked some mochi squares in the oven, than glazed them with a mixture of hoisin sauce and soy sauce.

I also tossed some frozen shelled edemame in olive oil, salt, pepper and roasted them on a cookie sheet at 450 degrees until a bit browned and toasty.