Monday, August 12, 2013

Daphne's, It's What's For Dinner

Daphne's California Greek Restaurant gave me a gift card to taste and review their new menu items.
Uh, hell yes, I love Daphne's.  And their new Mini-Pita Trio is adorable and delish!!

The Trio comes with three different flavors of pitas: one Greek, one California, and one Cali-Greek.

The Greek-style Mini-Pita is a traditional gyros with meat, onion, and tzatziki sauce.
I actually meant to substitute falafel in for the gyros meat on this one, but forgot. One thing Daphne's definitely is, is vegetarian friendly. They offer to substitute falafel or Gardenburger in any of their pita sandwiches, salads, or meals.
My sister tried this one, and said it was really excellent.

The California Mini-Pita is almost Mexican style, with grilled chicken, topped with guacamole, salsa Fresca, and Jalapeno bacon.  This new-for-Daphne's flavor combo was really good, and, who doesn't love guacamole?!

The Cali-Greek Mini-Pita combines flavors from both the other Pitas, and is chicken, topped with tzatziki sauce, salsa Fresca, feta cheese, and Kalamata olives.
This one was actually my favorite!

The best part about Daphne's pitas is the pita bread itself.  OMG, it is sooo good! Pillowy, warm, fresh pita...yum!

So, to round out our dinner, we went all out with the Daphne's menu.

We began with their Starters sampler appetizer, with is cucumber slices and pita chips with a trio of dips: the guacamole, hummus, and their fire feta spicy cheese dip.

Then, we went for some spanakopita. This was my favorite thing I ate all night, besides the Cali-Greek Mini-Pita! They are just so good!! Layers of flaky dough, with melted feta cheese and spinach, all baked up into a pastry pocket. Did I mention I love Greek food?? Yeah.

So, then, we also shared a Gardenburger Pita Burger, with hummus, which was also bomb. Seriously, their pita is amazing.
My sister got another one of these to go, with the fire feta dip instead of hummus, for lunch tomorrow!! I don't blame her.

Oh, don't worry, then we saved room for dessert! Barely.
When you eat at Daphne's, you have to get a piece of the baklava, a flaky dough pastry with honey and nuts. That description did not do it justice. Damn. Just go try one!

The great thing about Daphne's, too, is their prices!
Some of the meal plates or salads are a medium range, like $8, lunch...but the Pita Burger, and all the appetizers and desserts are so reasonably priced!! You can definitely afford to splurge on a starter or appetizer, and a dessert bite.  I love that.  It makes it feel more like a complete meal. They have all kinds of appetizers, from soup, to salad, to the hummus plate. And don't forget the spanakopita!

All in all, I have always loved Daphne's, but I am totally loving their new California-Greek twist, especially because it includes guacamole! Yum!

The next time you are out for lunch or dinner, try out Daphne's California Greek new Mini-Pitas, and seriously, don't forget the pastries!