Thursday, August 8, 2013

Meet Me at the Fair...

The Seester and I finally made our way to the OC Fair last night, and had a grand ol' time.

First up were the baby piggies, born just 5 days ago!  Eeeee!!!!!!  They were soooo tiny!

I just wanted to pick them up and take them home! ...Which I am sure was the reason and need for the sign stating, Please Do Not Pick Up the Baby Pigs. Ah, I see I wasn't the only one with this idea...sigh.  So cute!!  Leetle Baybees!
I love the sheep and baby goats, too. So cute!

Then, we were off to our favorite childhood ride, the Tilt-A-Whirl!

Remember when we were youthful and fearless, and went on all these carnival rides?? Nothing makes you feel older than going on rides. Seriously. Suddenly you're all worried about your purse contents spilling, your bumping and bruising on the lack of padding, and the rickety construction of these things - how are they safe, when they are portable to the next city?!! 
We were all talk about maybe going on more rides after this one...until we rode it. And who knows how we were once crazy enough to go on things like The Zipper.  No. Way. Not anymore. It was still totally fun, and I dare you to try and not scream, "Weee!!!", the whole time!, but I was definitely dizzy for a good 5 minutes afterwards and decidedly hit my ride quota for the...year.  This is why the ride portion of the evening was completed before dinner. Thankyouverymuch. time!!!

Our long time favorite fair food! The Australian battered potatoes with ranch and cheese sauce! Yes!

Drool.  Er mer gerd, they are sooo good! 

 Then, when you are the younger sister, at the mercy of your 'I have to take pictures for my blog' embarrassing older sister with the camera, you get forced into taking stellar photos such as these. Doesn't she make a cute kangaroo, y'all?!

Say cheese (and ranch sauce!) !!!

Next, we needed dessert - duh.

Every year I stalk the OC Fair website and Facebook page waiting for the new deep fried foods of the year to be announced from Chicken Charlie's.  I am normally a pretty healthy eater.  But the novelty of seeing what they will fry next, just is so super fun, and this year was no different.

Deep Fried Cookie Dough.  

Huge balls (ehem...) of chocolate chip cookie dough, battered and deep fried. Covered in powdered sugar and chocolate syrup.  Come to Mama!

Yum, these were so good.  In all their "don't eat raw cookie dough" glory!

Next, we felt the food coma coming on strong, so we needed a distraction.
Enter: the Infomercial product building. Yes! All those late-night products on TV you just have to have, all in one room.  Some more ridiculous than others.  Actually, all ridiculous. 

Especially this.  I call it the cousin to the Shake Weight.

These poor, unsuspecting people jumped on this exercise machine, which basically just vibrates, "Burning 1 hour's worth of calories in only 10 minutes!", and makes your booty shake like Beyonce, in a giant auditorium of strangers. Awesome. You go, Glen Coco.

In other news, you guys, they have Beer Pong as a carnival game now! a proud college graduate, and therefore, avid beer pong participant, the sister and I were sad to realize...they totally play it wrong!!!  
#1 You try to throw 3 ping pong balls into the same cup to win.
#2. No Beer. 
Wrong, and so wrong.  Epic fail.

But, how cute are these monkeys?!

Next, we needed a snack. LOL...we SO did not, but I was determined to try the new Waffle Dog, so we told our stomachs to suck it up, and went for it!
Basically a corn dog, but instead, the batter is a waffle! Served with syrup.  Pretty straight forward.  Pretty awesome.

Mr. Snake, our only prize of the evening, tried to get his 5 minutes of camera time here.

Speaking of, it was photobooth camera time for us! We had to get another photo strip to match the one currently still on my fridge from last year!

Epic photos happen, when your clever sister pretends something scared her behind the curtain, and you don't know whether to turn around with her to help, or smile for the photo!!!
You can see what I chose ;)

Ain't we cute?

Related much?

Thus concluded our trip to the OC Fair!!
So There.