Wednesday, October 9, 2013


So after London, then, it was off to Paris!

The land of cheese, wine, chocolates, and macarons!

Ah, the macarons! The Lauduree shop was so, so adorable!

As were the little chocolate shops we found, and visited a couple different times!

I loved these chocolate covered almonds, colored to look like olives! It really looked like the Olive Bar at Whole Foods! Ha ha.

The only thing better than the macarons...and all the cheese!... was the creme brulee!
ehr mer gerd...!!

...and the crepes!!

...and the quiche!!

...and the wine :)

Ah, you guys! Paris was just sooo amazinggggg!!!

And the oh so romantic Lock Bridge!

Dat, da, daaaaa!!! The Mona Lisa.

...and now I want to go back!
So There.