Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I'm baaaaaack! For realz this time.

You guys! I went to London and Paris, and it was amaaaaazing!!

Rain and scuzzy public transportation aside, the trip was wonderful.  So fun to see my good friend, and eat lots of amazing food! And meet this kitty!

And see the Eiffel Tower, and Big Ben!

English food is not my favorite...blood sausage anyone?! Umm yeah...
But London has a ton of amazing ethnic food, like Indian and Thai restaurants.
Their Cadbury chocolate is also infinitely better than our candy bars here. Yum.

And this cupcake shop, The Hummingbird Bakery was sooo delish! Not only did they have the best cupcakes, in flavors like tiramisu and apple pie, but they also had whoopie pie cookie sandwiches the size of my face!

I did try one authentic-ish English lunch in a cute little pub called Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese!
Yes I chose it based solely on the name. Wouldn't you??

I had a chicken and mushroom pie, like a chicken pot pie, with chips, or steak cut fries, and a beer.
And mayonnaise for my fries! Yes! I totally do that here, and people think I am so weird! Not weird. English!! So there!

Oh, I almost forgot.  One thing the British nailed...scones!!
Oh man.  I can never eat an American scone again.

The ones we had there, with afternoon tea, are like a sweet biscuit. Served with clotted cream (like butter, but not quite churned as much, I believe.) and jam. Amazing.

This proper afternoon tea was so fun!!

And finally, Harrods!
The largest department store ever, that looks like a castle. Yup. I'm into it.
What I loved most was a FOOD department!
It is like the fancy packaged food section of Williams Sonoma times 50 million.
I wanted to live there.

I also went to THE Abbey Road!

...and Primrose Hill where Gwen Stefani lives! gah! Such a stalker...

And the Monets!!

Stay tuned for Part 2 - food in Paris!

Welcome Back to me! I missed you guys!
So There.