Sunday, August 31, 2014

Honey Balsamic Figs with Brie Appetizer

Guys! I am so obsessed with figs this summer! Why have I never bought fresh figs before?! Yum.
They go so well with a cheese plate, and this simple and delicious appetizer falls right in line.

Seriously, this is so easy. Four ingredients and a couple minutes under the broiler (toaster oven broiler, ideally, so as not to heat up the whole house in the summer), and you are on your way to snacking and entertaining heaven!


Several fresh figs
Wedge of Brie cheese
Balsamic Glaze (From Trader Joe's in the salad dressing aisle)** 

Slice off the top stem, and the very bottom end of the figs. Cut in half, from top to bottom, and then cut halves in half again, if the figs are large.

Slice brie into bite size pieces.  I like to remove the white rind (always!) - either way is fine.

OK, get ready. This is the hard part! ;)
Place figs on small baking sheet. top each fig half with a slice of brie. (did you follow that?!)
Broil until cheese is warm and melty, but not a melted, disastrous mess.

Remove from oven, and drizzle with honey and balsamic glaze.

Ta da! Impressive, yummy appetizer or snack. Done in like 5 minutes!

**You can use balsamic vinegar for a less sweet flavor, or if you don't have the glaze. I just like the thickness of the glaze, because it looks prettier, too, drizzled on top. You can make your own glaze by reducing balsamic vinegar and apple juice in a small saucepan, as well.