Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Palm Springs!

I love me some Palm Springs!
Such a fun, local getaway for a weekend trip!

A couple weeks ago some girlfriends and I headed out to the desert to celebrate our good friend Rebecca and throw her a proper Bachelorette Party!

We were ready for some fun in the sun!

...what we didn't anticipate was...this.

A serious storm on the drive there.  Like, a, going 30mph on the freeway, storm. Yikes.
Not quite the 120 degree pool days we were expecting.

But, it did clear up long enough to get in some pool time, and it actually was nice that it wasn't so hot.

We stayed at the Riviera Hotel this time, and it was great!

I was obsessed with this real grass wall! Sooo cool!

We finished off the night dancing at The Hard Rock that just opened out there.

Such a fun weekend with my friends!!

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