Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Riley's Painting Party!

I had the privilege of helping my bestest friend Jessica set up and host her sweet daughter's 6th birthday party - a rainbow colored painting/art party theme!

It was so much fun. She came up with such a fun idea, I had to share it with you!!

All the decor was brightly colored, in all the colors of the rainbow.  Each girl got her own apron with her name on it, and everyone got to paint their own canvas to take home. A Painting Party!! It was such a hit.

Jessica found the cutest food ideas on Pinterest!

Rainbow Fruit Platter!

Rice Krispies Paint Brushes!
(inspired by The Celebration Shoppe)

These were so fun to help make! Make regular rice krispie treat bars, but while warm, push a large popsicle/ice cream stick into the bar, and mold into a paint brush shape.

When cooled, dip the ends of the "brushes" into melted candy melts chocolate to resemble the paint!
Too cute.

These paint splotches on the table were the best idea, and the paint drip stickers she found at Hobby Lobby blew my mind! So perfect! We stuck them to empty paint cans from Home Depot and used them as flower vases. I loved these!

The girls has such a fun time!
We set out a ton of adhesive-backed foam stickers in simple shapes for the girls to choose from.  They stuck the stickers to the blank canvas, painted over it in abstract designs, and then peeled the stickers off, when dry, to reveal the white shape left behind.

We were ready with the cleaning wipes, but the girls actually made very little mess. I was impressed :)

Last, but not least, this amazing "paint" splattered cake by Custom Cakes by Nicci was so cool!!

Happy Birthday, beautiful Riley girl!!