Thursday, August 6, 2015

Burrata & Honey Grilled Peaches over Whole Wheat Gnocchi

Oh, burrata. Nothing says summahtime like burrata cheese and grilled fruit!
And you guys, I finally found whole wheat gnocchi! I've been obses sed ever since I saw this post by Seasonally Jane. She found hers at Whole Foods, I actually didn't see it at mine, but found some in the regular dried pasta section of Ralph's. Makes something indulgent feel healthy.

So, get your packaged gnocchi in some boiling water, and let's get to the peaches.
Now, if you have an outdoor grill, by all means, please brush the peach halves with butter, and grill, flesh side down, for a few minutes until tender.
If you are using an indoor grill pan...well, do the same thing!
Alternatively, you can slice the peaches, and saute them over medium-high heat on the stove in a pan with a bit of butter. All options will yield the same yummy results. When the peaches are warm and softened just a bit, drizzle with honey.

Drain the gnocchi, toss in a bit of olive oil or butter, and plate.
Top with the sliced peaches.
I had some olive tapenade that I tossed with the pasta, but you can slice some green and kalamata olives, or omit. It adds a good flavor.

Ready for the cheese?? OK, so burrata is cream-filled, fresh mozzarella cheese. I know, cream-filled sounds like a Twinkie or something, haha, but it is true.
You want to drain the burrata ball from its packaging, and gently pat dry.
Don't cut it apart until it is plated, as it will fall apart. The inside isn't liquid, it is almost like a soft ricotta cheese. Creamy, pairs great with honey and peaches, and creates a light sauce for the pasta.

Garnish with freshly torn mint leaves, salt and pepper to taste, and a drizzle of olive oil, if desired.

Light, indulgent, summery dinner.