Sunday, August 23, 2015

OC Fair with Seester - An Annual Tradition and Fried Food Bonanza

Oh, geez, I meant to post this two weeks ago! Sorry! But the LA County Fair comes to town next month, so I hope you can make your way up there for some of these same amazing treats!

Oh, man, I love the fair! My sister and I go to the Orange County Fair every year to ride the Tilt-a-Whirl, play the ping pong ball and quarters tossing games (by the way are the darts gone?! Someone poke an eye out?! We now throw hacky sacks at the balloons...hmph), and eat our weight in novelty fried food items. Hoorah!!!

Australian Battered Potatoes with Cheese and Ranch - our must-have 1st stop every year!

Hello Chicken Charlie! :)  There are usually three different booths with different fried items.  Goal: find them ALL! I'm seriously so obsessed with trying whatever new food item they have fried each year!

Deep Fried Birthday Cake! Win!

Kool-ickle...A cherry Kool-Aid popsicle with a pickle inside.  I passed on this one, haha.  Also: Chicken Tenders with crushed Frosted Flakes cereal as the coating. I bet that one was actually good!
Not unlike the strange but probably good Krispy Kreme burger.

You guys.  Cheesy Bacon Bombs.  These are a must try!!  Basically a cheese stuffed biscuit with garlic and bacon.  Yup.  Ain't nothing wrong with that!

Oreo Churro! I really wanted to get this.  Too.Full.  Such a let down, haha. I bet it's good!

Then...of course we have to see goats!! Eeeeee!!!!

Another successful year with Seester at the OC Fair!! Such a fun tradition!