Thursday, October 7, 2010

"...And she'll have Fun, Fun, Fun, til her Daddy takes the T-bird away...."

OMG, so I saw the funniest thing yesterday. Not so much funny as shockingly amusing, actually.
So, I am driving along on a four lane major road and what do I see in front of me?! I see this guy in a little white car change lanes and go from the far Right turn lane to the far Left turn lane in one fell swoop! BUT, he didn't like politely signal and take one lane at a time, all the while inching closer to the stop light intersection. No, No! His car turned HORIZONTALLY to the left, like completely perpendicular to all of us other drivers, and he just cruised over all four lanes of traffic at this angle like it was the freaking Macy's Day parade. AND, I get this reference, BECAUSE, not only did he jet across four lanes of traffic like it was nothing, BUT he did the "thanks" *wave* that you do when someone lets you over...BUT he did it the WHOLE TIME he was cruising across the whole road! And it wasn't like an "oops!..thank you..." *sheepish shrug* kind of wave! No, no, i think he was ENJOYING it! It was more like a beauty pageant, or - parade - wave. "Hello!, ah, yes, thank YOU, thank YOU, hello, hello, da dee...!"
All the while no one honks or blocks his way - we must have been too dumbfounded by the nerve, or sheer awesomeness, of this guy.
So picture the tiny white clown car, the princess wave, the car turned totally sideways, perusing across traffic...and I guarantee you, too will think this is shockingly amusing.
So there.

In other news, I am feeling very "Back to School" in my clothes today - preppy cardigan, bright blue flared denim, and NEW SHOES, courtesy of my amazing boyfriend with the fashion hook up!  Hooray!