Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blah, Blah, Blog

There are two reasons I decided to finally start writing a blog.

ONE. I think of random, amusing thoughts that i "MUST POST TO MY FACEBOOK STATUS IMMEDIATELY!" way too many times a day to not start a blog instead. 

TWO. My mom thinks I am funny.

SO - here we go!
I hope someone (besides my mom) reads this little blog of mine. Feel free to comment! (please?)
and....Hi Mom!!  ...oh, wait, I'll have to teach her how to read a blog first....ok, well she'll see this eventually. Hey, I taught her how to turn on a computer, and check email, and now she is a You Tube, Google search, and EBay aficionado, so there are high hopes for her blog reading skills.

Now I am off to command my Chai Tea to warm me up on this cold, gloomy morning.
So There.