Thursday, January 17, 2013

Valentine's Day Things I Love Thursdays

In this edition of Things I Love Thursdays, I decided to focus on Valentine's Day!

Um, so, this post from Grilled Cheese Social pretty much sums up how I also feel about the holiday.
Being that I am single, I could easily spend the holiday home alone with my cat eating the box of chocolates my mother sent me, and watching bad romantic movies.

Actually, this probably IS what I will do this Valentine's Day.
BUT, I have spent many past holidays making homemade valentine's, compiling 'manly' boyfriend gift baskets, baking, and just being in love.
I am a hopeless romantic, and something about the holiday just makes me happy.

So, in the spirit of Valentine's Day, I have compiled some of my favorite Valentine's Day themed Pinterest finds.

I figured it was high time to get on posting this soon, since Target already had St. Patrick's Day themed stuff in their Dollar Bin. What?! It's January. PS Don't you LOVE the Target Dollar Bin?!

#1 First the amazing Challah french toast with mascarpone, nutella, strawberries and whipped cream! from Grilled Cheese Social. OMG YUM.

#2  A couple years ago I made these adorable Conversation Heart Cake Topped Cupcakes from pound cake, They turned out super cute! 

Almost as good as the original photo idea

 Also featured are my chocolate dipped pretzels, chocolate dipped Oreos, and brownie cake pop truffles.

#3 This adorable felt heart wreath

#4  This quilled paper heart garland

#5 Tiny heart shaped cream cheese mints with glitter!

#6 Sugar Body Scrub recipe This was posted a ton on Pinterest for a Christmas gift, but it could easily be a Valentine's treat, as well. And you can use any essential oil scent, besides peppermint, too! Like lavender or rosemary. These are super easy to make! Just Almond or Coconut oil, granulated sugar, and the scent!

#7 How CUTE is this salad?! Heart shaped beets and potatoes, with a Chocolate Balsamic Vinaigrette

So there you have it! Whether you are spending Valentine's Day with loved ones, single girlfriends, or home alone with your cat, now you have all the dinner, dessert, craft projects, and bubble bath additions that you'll need for a great holiday!

Love You All!!

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