Saturday, March 30, 2013

Re-Upholstered My Dining Chairs

Hooray, I finally found a fabric I loved (Thank you Hobby Lobby. Best store ever.), and got around to re-covering my dining chair cushions.

Step 1.  Bought a legit staple gun. Eek!
Step 2.  Follow Lauren Conrad tutorial.  ;)  

For real! 
It was fool proof!
Check out the uber helpful video below, and full website tutorial HERE

I got a few more specific tips from Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous.  She has a wonderful tutorial HERE.
I didn't mean to use almost the same fabric as her, too! Haha!

Gather your supplies, and follow either of these tutorials.

The corners are a bit tricky - try and figure out where you want the inevitable pleats to be, and make the same folds on all four corners. (or at least the front two!)

And ta da!
Easy peasy!

A whole new modern, refreshed look, with just two yards of fabric!
So there.