Thursday, March 7, 2013

Things I Love Thursdays

Wow, sorry, I haven't posted since last Thursday! Oops.

What am I loving lately? Greek yogurt!
I am so obsessed with Chobani Greek yogurt!
It is the most 'real' and fresh tasting of the Greek yogurts - some are too sweet or fake tasting; like the ones that taste like kids' yogurt. Yuck.
But Chobani is rich and delicious!!
My favorite flavor right now is the pineapple. Tastes like real, fresh pineapple stirred into your yogurt. Delish!

I guess I'm not the first one to mention the 'real' taste, as I saw on Twitter they just launched a "Taste Real" campaign! Haha
Makes perfect sense.

I checked out their website for a product list, and there are SO many yummy flavors and varieties I'd love to try, that I haven't seen in my local stores yet. Boo. Not even at Whole Foods, which stocks quite a few flavors!

Check these out! How amazing do these sound?

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No, they did not sponsor this post, I just am loving Chobani! They even replied to my Twitter post, which I thought was uber cool.
Anyone want to somehow messenger me some of these amazing varieties I have so far had no luck locating?! Eh? Eh?!!

OK, fine. Moving ON!

Besides, yogurt, uh, hello, THESE Lemon Ricotta Fritters from White Lights On Wednesday look so amazing! And somehow refreshing, even though they are pretty much just fried doughnuts!
I need to make these soon! Yum!
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I have been considering buying some of those wool dryer balls, as an alternative to buying dryer sheets or fabric softener.
Then I stumbled upon this great tutorial on how to make your own from Love, Pomegranate House!
Pinterest for the win, as always!
They seem pretty easy to make.
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Well, well, well, I always wonder why I didn't think of these easy and genius tips myself, when I come across them on Pinterest.
This one is no exception.
Glue a magnet to the bottom of your hammer, so you have a place to hold your nail, besides in your teeth! (You know we all do that, and it is so gross.)

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Dream a Little Bigger's Allison shares a lovely post about tool tips her Dad has shared with her over the years. As someone with an equally handy Dad, who I call before I attempt every DIY project, I love that she wrote this post, and the tips are great!
Another one is, when painting, apply petroleum jelly (or thick lotion, or coconut oil) to arms and legs (and in my case, face! oops.) so, when if the paint splatters on your skin, it will wipe off easily, and you won't have to scrub your skin until it is red! Bonus, your skin will be very well moisturized when you're done!
Check out the rest of the tips here.

I am currently rocking this Essie nail polish today,

and I just bought this other awesome blue one, I can't wait to try out! Such fun colors!

Happy Thursday!
So there.