Thursday, March 28, 2013

Things I Love Thursdays

I will be making my Carrot Cake Oatmeal Cream Pies this weekend to take to my cousin's Easter potluck brunch.

And you best believe I will be using this amaze-balls tip I found for my frosting piping bag.
Plastic wrap!!
Check it out in this video:

In the past, I have brought these other desserts that have gone over well, too!

Skinny Coconut Cupcakes - Photo Credit & Recipe: Skinny Taste

No Bake Cake Batter Truffles - Photo Credit & Recipe: Chef in Training

I am sure these would be amazing, too!

Homemade Reese's Eggs - Photo Credit & Recipe: The Recipe Critic

or These, my friend Molly made!

Espresso Truffles - Photo Credit & Recipe: Espresso Truffles

In other news, and confessing my cat lady status, I have a nice little balcony patio now that my cat and I enjoy, and I was wanting to add a few plants out there, that are safe and non-toxic to cats.
So if you browse my recent Pinterest pins, and see a lot of catnip, and other cat grasses, like barley and wheat grass  that's the reason!
But the wheat grass caught my eye, because I could use it, too (if I had a juicer). And it looks so pretty when I see it in Jamba Juice!

Photo Credit: Today's Fabulous Finds

There are so many succulents and other plants that can be harmful to pets if eaten, and knowing my dumb cat, she'd try to eat them all!
So, I am on a mission!

I have also been obsessed with learning all about all natural face cleansing ideas, like oil cleansing.

Photo Credit: Breakthrough Beauty

The Oil Cleansing Method: 100% Natural Moisturizing Face Cleanser

From Our Homemade Happiness: "Yeah, you heard me right. I wash my face with oil. Sound like an oxymoron? Here's how it works: like dissolves like. The clean oil dissolves the dirty oil from your face, all without stripping your skin's natural protective oils."

So fascinating, right?! I am intrigued!

OK, and I use this body wash all the time after the gym, and now we supposedly can use a similar oil cleansing method instead, for that, too??

DIY Acne Body Wash - from Eat, Breathe, Blog

Another resource I've found:
Natural Makeup Remover - from Crunchy Betty

Also on the All Natural kick, I am loathing marshmallows lately for the gross non-vegan gelatin they use (more like a love/hate relationship, because I do really like marshmallows...hmph.), so I wanted to pick up one of these to use in my canister of brown sugar.

I WAS using a marshmallow, like I saw on Pinterest, to keep my container of brown sugar nice and soft. It works great!
But for the more vegan-friendly (Do you KNOW what gelatin is?...yeah. Google that shit...yikes.), 
these terra cotta disks soaked in water say they work as a great alternative! Win!

And finally, Boom! Cocktail hour!
Dreaming of Summer!

These look delish! So pretty, too!

The Black Swan cocktail: vodka lemonade with muddled blackberries. yes, please.

Blueberry Lavender Mojito: ah-mazing! I have been dying to buy some lavender syrup to bake with, and use in cocktails like this!

On that note, Cheers!

So There.