Saturday, January 17, 2015

Christy's Mexican Cauliflower Soup

You guys, my sweet, adorable, amazing sister made the best soup! And she is here to share it with us. 
Thanks Seester!

Hello everyone!!!! Mini-Amy, here! Aka the soux chef and random hand model in Amy's blog posts :)

Alright, so clearly my sister got the crafty and cooking genes, but every now and again I happen to stumble into a happy accident of a good meal creation. And today, I decided to share my weird yet actually really awesome dinner idea!

So I think (I hope...) we're all guilty of doing this: have you ever had one of those meals where you just throw a bunch if stuff together and you'd feel kind if embarrassed if anyone else was seeing the random mix of leftovers and cheese concoction you were eating? Well! I had this experience, only...the result was kind of amazing. AND healthy! 
So I will call this...Mexican cauliflower soup. Stick with me here, it's good. And it took me about 10 minutes start to finish. Hooray!

 In a blender, mix: 
chicken broth, cauliflower florets (steamed and cooled), about half a tablespoon minced garlic, one slice of jalapeño, about one and a half tablespoons of butter (or some butter-like substance) and *the key random/awesome ingredient* red enchilada sauce!! Blend until soup consistency - slowly pour in a little more broth until you get the consistency you want.

Pour into a pan and heat over low heat. While this is warming, prepare some sort of rice or quinoa - I used trader joe's microwaveable brown rice. Cook accordingly. Scoop a couple large spoonfuls into a bowl, and pour the heated soup over the rice and stir until they're mixed.

Lastly...the toppings!!! I added some canned kidney beans that I warmed up, a dollop of sour cream, and those little wonton salad toppers (told you it was random!) but SO delish!!!

(...okay okay I added some bacon bits too. And it was a solid choice.)

Mix together and enjoy!!! You're eating vegetables, brown rice, and protein in the beans - but it's a lot more fun! Hey, and if you dull down the spice, could be great for the kids too!

Ta da!!!