Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sparkly Vanilla Bean Fudge {Free Printable Thank You Tag}

So, at my New Year's Day Brunch, I sent all my lovely guests home with some homemade vanilla bean fudge! It is super easy to make!
I did have some real vanilla bean pods "lying around" from making homemade vanilla extract (So many things to tell you about!! One at a time!), but you could just use the vanilla extract, or buy this awesome vanilla bean paste!

I used this Fudge Recipe, the vanilla bean one, and omitted the messy caramel sauce layer, as I wanted these to look nice and neat in their little bags. (But don't get me wrong, it sounds amazing with that part, too!) You just melt white chocolate and canned sweetened condensed milk (No one ever said this was healthy fudge...) together, and then add the vanilla beans, vanilla extract, and sea salt. I mixed the salt in, but you could sprinkle on top if you want.

BUT, don't let me forget the BEST PART.
I added glitter.
Yup. You're welcome. It was amazing.

Per this post here, I bought (and am obsessed with!) edible glitter dust in the baking section of Michael's, and sprinkled it all over the fudge!
Can you say All Dressed Up for New Year's?! Everything New Year's needs some sparkle!
I love all the pearl dust colors - especially the gold, white, and silver. So fun!!

There is a technique, too. If you actually sprinkle it between your fingers, it will clump and be too thick. What you really are better off doing, a la Tinkerbell, and it does kind of glitter the whole kitchen... (Not a bad thing), is put a little bit in your palm, and blow it gently over the tops of the fudge. It makes a much finer, more delicate layer of sparkle! Yay fairy dust!!

I cut my 8x8 pan into 36 small squares, and put 4 in each gift bag as a little take home treat.
If you are keeping these for awhile in a really warm house, you may want to keep them in the fridge until a few hours before you hand them out. Your call - they don't really melt, but they do soften, and I didn't want them to be messy. I also didn't want them cold or rock hard, though. See how it goes!

I made these little labels to add to the gift bags, in keeping with my New Year's theme.

Here is the file: I think you can save this image/photo, and then print some for yourself! I did 9 to a page when I printed them.

Hope you all are having a great New Year!