Thursday, November 8, 2012

Chai Spiced Mashed Sweet Potato!

I pinned these chai spiced sweet potatoes awhile ago, and my friend luckily reminded me about them this week, right when I had just bought some sweet potatoes!
OMG, you guys, they are SO good!!

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The link above to the actual recipe from Oh My Veggies uses vanilla coconut milk, brown sugar, and chai spices, which sounds divine; and also recommends you bake the raw potatoes in the oven.  Buuuuuut, I didn't have any milk (at all) on hand, and was starvin' marvin, wanting to eat soon, so I totally cheated in every aspect.

(pictured: brown sugar, I didn't even end up needing to add.)

I poked a few holes with a fork in 1 medium sweet potato, and microwaved for 4-5 minutes.

Meanwhile, I boiled a bit of water (1/2 cup?) in a pan, and made a concentrated chai tea, with a powdered vanilla honey chai mix that has powdered milk in it.
I also threw in a bit of my pumpkin spice chai mix from Trader Joe's, because, seriously, why not!

Boil the tea mix for a few minutes so it cooks down a bit, I added a bit more ginger, too, then pour into a mug and set aside.

Then, scoop out the potato flesh, and add into the, now empty, hot pan that the chai was in.
Now, while whisking, add a bit of the chai mix a little at a time, incorporating as you go, until the consistency is right. 
I topped with a bit of ricotta cheese, to tell myself this was dinner, and not dessert!!

These were so, so good.
Taste just like a warm, spiced chai latte, but, you know, with the awesomeness of sweet potato!

I realize this photo doesn't do them justice, but you've got to just trust me on this one.

Everyone who loves chai tea, should really make these immediately!
So there.