Saturday, November 3, 2012

Headboard Project

I wanted the look of a headboard on the wall behind my bed, so obviously, I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration.

When I didn't have any large wood scrap lying around..... ;)
I decided on something like the latter two photos.

I bought a bunch of wood-framed mirror squares from Ikea, and actually covered them in slightly larger squares of fabric, securing with hot glue.

I used several different mixed prints of fabric, that I felt all worked together, and once glued down, worked out a pattern that I liked.
You could add a layer of batting to make them softer and more plush-looking.

Note: I liked the look of actually leaving a couple mirrored squares as is.

I then hung each with a picture hanger nailed to the back of the wood frames.
Using this neat trick (found on Pinterest, duh!) to hang the frames.

Unique collage headboard! So there.