Thursday, November 15, 2012

Things I Love Thursdays

I thought I'd start a new weekly blog entry with all my favorite things I've found this week - Mostly from Pinterest!

1.  I am a huge fan of dry shampoo. I used to use a drugstore brand, but seriously, this Biosilk one my friend got me hooked on is worth the $13 price tag.
No white powder residue, great smell, I am loving it. Though, I'm going through this $13 bottle much too quickly!
What's your favorite hair product?

2.  Pinterest always has new easy up-do hairstyles to try, but most look like hell on my fine hair. Aka bald spot below. BUT! There actually is hope with this one, if I tried a bit harder. The photo was of my "under one minute" attempt, as the style is titled, haha.

Try the Under-One-Minute-UpDo for yourself. My friend had great luck with it! All you need is an elastic headband. ...Give yourself about two minutes, just to be safe ;)

3.  One Pinterest hair do I actually can use is the...drum roll...Sock Bun!
Rolling your hair up into a high bun, using a piece of a thin dress sock. Works miracles, I tell ya. You've got to try this one.
I mean...if it's good enough for Olympic competitors, it's good enough for you.
Note, for my hair, the sock bun CURLS are bullsh*t. Don't work at ALL. But, I don't care. I like wearing the sock bun just for the purpose of an easy, neat up-do!

4.  Number four....Wine (have a peaked your interest?) the Glass (what?!). I know. Crazy!. But, it's true. And I saw it first on Shark Tank.
These plastic, resealable, single serving wine glasses are perfect for a picnic! And they taste pretty good, too!
They are available at grocery stores; I found mine at Ralph's.

5. And lastly, to stay with the topic of wine, are my adorable, funky, unique wine glasses I bought off Ebay.  I was tired of my boring Ikea wine glasses, and decided my stemware needed some color and excitement. I LOVE the retro goblets and colored stemless glasses. They make a glass of wine that much more fun to drink! (As if you needed a reason ;)  )  They make any evening feel like a special occasion. 
So, go ahead, add a little interest to your glass ware!

5 Things I Love Thursday.
So There.