Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dinner Afterthought: Sweet Potato Beer Biscuits

What does any normal person do, when she gets home and is starving, so she quickly makes an open face grilled cheese (with mozzarella, Parmesan, and goat cheese. yum.), then realizes she's still hungry?
Stares at one lone sweet potato.  And makes sweet potato pumpkin beer biscuits with a honey sage butter.
See? normal.

Afterthought biscuits!
I found this recipe on Pinterest, and ever since my friend started her awesome blog Bake it With Booze!, I've been wanting to make a beer bread.
I juuuust happened to have 1 seasonal pumpkin beer left in my fridge, along with that lone sweet potato, so I whipped up these biscuits thanks to this recipe over at The Beeroness. Thanks girl for the recipe!!

There is something kind of fun and satisfying about mixing and kneading a dough with your hands.  Anything like this, where you crumble the cold butter into a flour mix, is best done with your hands.

After the dough came together, I passed on rolling it out and cutting out squares, in favor of just making drop biscuits. Laziness.

These baked up great, and were amazing topped with a honey sage butter (didn't have the suggested maple syrup; honey substituted fine).

The perfect fall biscuit.
So There!