Saturday, November 2, 2013

Awesome Green Smoothie

Sometimes you just want a green smoothie for breakfast, instead of pancakes. 

Especially when you wake up with a completely undeserved headache, and are trying everything to get rid of it.
And I didn't even have wine or anything! Hmph.
But, yes, my new adult hangover consists of a full-day-long migraine. Isn't growing up fun?

Often times headaches are from a deficiency in electrolytes, magnesium or potassium.  So this is my version of a Gatorade-like sports drink. Without all the lame sugar and artificial food dye.

Now, I probably am just jealous because I can't afford a juicer, or mountains of organic produce to juice, but it makes me sad to throw away all the scraps after juicing, so I kind of think I prefer smoothie-making anyway.

Step one:
Go to the store, braless, and in sweats, to buy all these ingredients.

Step two:
Blend everything in a blender (that phrase seems redundant, yet necessary), for about a full minute, until the leafy greens break down and are pretty well blended into the juice. Add more juice or coconut water, if needed.

Recipe: (Makes 2 large smoothies)

3/4 cup orange juice
3/4 cup coconut water
large handful of ice cubes
large handful spinach leaves (measuring precision, at its finest, here.)
2 kale leaves, roughly torn
1 small apple, sliced
juice of half  1 lemon
1 kiwi, sliced
4-8oz plain, non-fat Greek yogurt
1 small banana

This smoothie is totally packed full of natural electrolytes, magnesium, potassium, iron, and vitamin C, and tastes great!
Did you know that a kiwi has more vitamin C than an orange?! I Googled it. ...and the internet doesn't lie.
But, seriously, it really is true.

So, pour into a large glass, add a bendy straw (required.), and have a Good Morning!

Fingers crossed this dumb headache goes away!