Friday, November 22, 2013

See's Candies - New Store!

You guys.  Want to know what is better than a store full of samples of the best chocolate?
That.  plus wine!

The new See's Candies store at the Tustin Marketplace invited me to check out their newest location:

This new prototype of a concept store is the first store of its kind. The headquarters of See's in San Francisco chose Orange County as the very first location. The Tustin Marketplace (Irvine/Tustin) location has great freeway access, and their hope is that OC residents will come visit this location for their holiday purchases.

The store grand opening is tonight! Friday, November 22nd - go check it out!!

Why would you come to this new store, instead of another one?
Because it is huge.  This new concept store has two candy counters, with double the cashiers, instead of the usual one.  The two lines are split by the size of your candy order!
Under 2lb orders are placed and completed at a separate Express counter, and larger orders form a line at a second counter.
These new store types have more capacity to move people through, during the busy Holiday seasons.

If don't need the capacity, a wall comes down from the ceiling, and it becomes a regular size, smaller store during their off season, from June to October.

But, from Halloween through Mother's Day, they are able to serve large crowds much more quickly.
Whenever needed, they are able to open it up for more capacity.

So even if there is another See's Candies store a bit closer to you, if it is the day before Valentine's Day or you are doing some last minute Holiday gift shopping, you are definitely going to want to visit this new concept store instead! Your wait will be much shorter!

My sister and me with  the President and CEO of See's Candies, Brad Kinstler!

Speaking of Valentine's Day, haha, the actual President and CEO of See's Candies, Brad Kinstler, came down from SF to this new store opening to explain this store to us!
In his talk he gave, he said he felt for us girls getting the generic box of chocolates, when all we really want is a heart-shaped custom box of only the milk chocolate Bordeauxs.  Umm, how did he know?! Those are my favorite! And I am always so torn whether to eat the only one in the box first or save it for last!

While I was stuffing my face with chocolate truffles and wine pairings, I learned that Mary See was an actual real person, and still today, they still make some of the cute lady's actual recipes - namely the bon bons.
Another item that is specifically handmade, is the rocky road chocolate egg for Easter.
Someone actually hand places all the nuts and marshmallows into the mold and then places that under...the chocolate waterfall! fill in the egg shaped treat.

Check out the chocolate waterfall in this video of the See's factory here!

Or, if you're more of a peanut brittle kind of person, check out how that is made here!

If you have been into a See's Candies store before, you know they always give each customer a free sample. Now that's customer service! I have always loved that about them. Dangerous...haha. But awesome!

On this visit, I sampled the apple pie truffle, which is made with real Granny Smith apples and cinnamon, and because of that, tastes just like real pie!! You guys, it is so good! You have to try it.

They sell this Seasonal Pie Truffles box of candies, where you can find Apple, Pumpkin, and more!
This is sold out online, but this new store has plenty in stock! The perfect hostess gift for Thanksgiving or a holiday party!

See's Candies really do make the best hostess or holiday gifts, and this new See's concept store has so many boxes of candy, pre-wrapped beautifully, and ready to go! 
Head on down to the Tustin Marketplace, grab a box, and jump into the Express line for quick check out service.
Grand Opening tonight! Friday, November 22nd!

Don't forget your free sample!! ...I had about ten.

I was compensated for this post with free wine, chocolates, and a humongously terrific, swagalicious bag of treats!